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Quantum Connection Source is meant to inspire and connect you to the world of Quantum through knowledge and experiences. We have created a container for Quantum that consists of 4 pillars: (Unity) Consciousness, frequency, multiple dimensions and infinite possibilities in which all things already exist. Through the Quantum Connection series you will learn Quantum Terminology and the 7 principles of frequency. You’ll also be empowered to move through your own multiple conscious selves as a way to harmonize frequency for healing and navigate your own various timelines.

Series 1 Inspire

The first of the series is meant to introduce you to terminology and frequency patterns so that you can learn and observe how you already move through Quantum. This will also assist you in how you can expand your consciousness within the multiple dimensions of Quantum. The first series is led by facilitators of Quantum who work with Imani to share how to activate your quantum self through learning, conversation and community. 

Series 2 Integrate 

The second part of the series will be led by Imani and held by Jenny, as you are held in a Quantum container. There will be a Quantum meditation and manifestation as a way of practice that will lead into a guided astral projection journey. The workshop ends with a discussion of Quantum engagement through your daily encounters as well as sharing your astral experiences and receiving insight from Imani. The series 2 will also be used to help align and engage you in working with frequency and Quantum dimensions.  

Series 3 Evolve 

The third of the series is led by Imani and held by Jenny, as you will be guided into an expanded space of astral projection. In this quantum series you will be guided to move through your conscious selves so that you can learn to do so interdependently on your own. There will be space to speak on your own experiences that have been evolving as you have been activating yourself, that will work to empower your experience within the world of Quantum.



The last part of The Quantum Connection Source series is a Quantum ceremony in which you will be given a remedy for ritual that will help in expanding your dream and astral travel through multiple dimensions of space. This is a natural and non-hallucinogenic herbal remedy that has been put together by Imani for the purposes of this Quantum ceremony. She will drop in as your tour guide and download as a direct source of Quantum through your astral travels. It is NOT required to take any part of the series to participate in the ceremony, it is OPEN to ALL. 



Imani Quinn

Quantum Guide

Imani is a Quantum Oracle and co-host of the spirituality podcast The Woke Mystix. She has 15 years experience using oracle decks, 5 years of dream work interpretation, coming from a lineage of intuitive women and she works within quantum healing. Imani was mentored most of her life by her mother who is a channel for spirit and an intuitive. She has most recently been working with a shamanic quantum healer, through oral teachings and initiation she has come up with the pillars of Quantum and the 7 Frequencies used in the Quantum Connection series. The intention of her work as a quantum healer and Oracle is to help others expand and shift their consciousness by harmonizing frequencies and identifying important aspects of the psyche through spirit communication of the past, present and future and consciousness. She wants to help guide you so that you can live through the power of your own intuition and work with your energetic vibration and frequency for your souls highest purpose within the quantum realm. 

Jenny Affan

Energy Host

Jenny calls her Self a Cosmik Rainbow Warrior. For the past several years, she has explored her cosmic roots through deep shadow work, spiritual development, and astral traveling. Her mission on Earth is to spread the power of Self Love through her passions and work. She believes through cultivating love of Self we can cultivate a stronger love of all.  Over the course of her life's journey thus far, she has mastered the art of creating and facilitating expansive workshops and ceremonies. Her ability to guide the flow of energy in gatherings is why she was led to be a part of Quantum Connection. She is also a photographer/videographer and co-founder of Back To Broth. Jenny is the energy host for the Quantum Connection series workshops, leading everyone through meditation and holding the container for the conversation and community building. She is also the coordinator for the Quantum Connection series program, where Quantum Connection Source would not live in 3D without her continued support. 

Giuliana Davar

Quantum Facilitator

Giuliana Davar is a conscious dreaming explorer, guide and founder of The Honey Hive, an intentional dreaming community. Initiated into the realms of dreaming as a young child, Giuliana learned how to lucid dream as a survival method from chronic nightmares. Now in a place to explore these shadow dreams, she is one who finds wisdom in the dark as they have been her greatest teacher and healer. Giuliana holds dreams as a bridge back into self and the interconnectivity of all living beings. As one who believes every being dreams, she communes with the land, her ancestors, and interdimensional guides. Currently, she is most drawn to ancestral dreaming and understanding her identity as a mixed woman of Mexican and European descent. With dreaming being her committed practice, she has begun to tap into realms quantum dreaming. This expansion has opened her dreaming into deeper understanding of the web of life. Giuliana serves as a joyful and loving guide to help dreamers connect with their innate power and intuitive guidance. Through quantum dreaming she sees possibility for healing, communication and creation that is available to all who seek it.


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